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Nanjing Xinshengwei Yangtze River Bridge

Project description

Located between the 2nd and the 4th Nanjing Yangtze River Bridges, the Nanjing Xinshengwei Yangtze River Bridge (also known as Nanjing Xianxin Road Yangtze River Bridge) is a suspension bridge with a main span of 1,760 m. Currently, it is the longest of its kind in China and the second longest in the world in this category.

The total length of the structure is 13.17 km and it carries six lanes. Designed with a gate-shaped frame concrete structure, the north tower is 263.8 m high and was constructed using the hydraulic climbing formwork method.

Once opened in 2024, it will be an important part of Nanjing’s road network system and will shorten the travel time from Qixia Avenue to Jiangbei Avenue significantly.

mageba scope

For this structure mageba designed and manufactured four TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints of type LR24 with a total length of 53 m, facilitating movements of up to 1,920 mm. All joints are equipped with ROBO-GRIP anti-skid surfacing, which significantly improves driving safety in wet conditions.

With a unique elastic support system the expansion joints can absorb shocks and vibrations, and allow the bridge to undergo large lateral displacements. At the same time, they also allow vertical displacements and rotations to suit the multi-directional displacement changes of the structure.

The steel profiles used for the expansion joints were imported from Europe and their surfaces are hot-dip galvanized, which efficiently protects the products from corrosion and extends their service life.

REFSHEET--Nanjing Xinshengwei Yangtze River Bridge-production-of-modular-joints

Production of modular joints at mageba’s Chinese production facility

REFSHEET--Nanjing Xinshengwei Yangtze River Bridge-installation-of-modular-joint

Installation of a large 24-gap TENSA-MODULAR LR joint

Key Data


TENSA-MODULAR LR24 expansion joints


ROBO-GRIP anti-skid surfacing






13.17 km

Main span:

1,760 m


Single-span single-storey suspension bridges


CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd


China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance & Design Institute Co., Ltd