Rach Mieu Bridge

Project description

Vietnam’s isolated Ben Tre province, cut off in the middle of the Mekong Delta and accessible only by ferryboat, was finally joined to the rest of the country with the completion of the landmark Rach Mieu Bridge over the Tien Giang arm of the Mekong.

The 3,030 m long crossing features a 270 km main cable stayed span with a clearance above the river of 37.5 m and main towers 106 m high. There are two, 117 m sidespans, and balanced cantilever construction was used for the 15 m wide insitu concrete deck.

Apart from forming a vital link to the underdeveloped province direct from the Vietnamese capital Ho Chi Minh City some 80km away, the Rach Mieu Bridge is significant in that it is the first totally Vietnamese funded, designed and constructed major crossing in the country.

mageba scope

Two TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints type LR10 with a movement capacity of 800 mm were supplied. All expansion joints permit movements and rotations in all three directions and feature mageba’s patented asymmetric control system for even gap distribution.

Installation is simple, maintenance needs are modest, and an asymmetric rubber hump seal ensures watertightness and protection against the ingress of debris and dirt. Product quality is assured by independent validation on a regular basis.


Balanced cantilever construction was chosen for the insitu concrete main deck

Key Data


TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints, type LR10


max. movements 800 mm


Ben Tre




Cable stayed bridge


270 m