A9 motorway - Raron

Project description

The Swiss motorway A9 in Valais runs from Ballaigues on the French border via Lausanne, Vevey, Sion, Brig over the Simplon Pass to Gondo on the Italian border.

From a cross-border perspective, the A9 is part of the shortest transalpine connection between the French and Italian metropolises of Dijon and Milan.

In the course of the completion of the Swiss national road network, the missing 31.8 km section of the A9 motorway in the Upper Valais between Sierre and Brig will be built in the next few years including several new access ramps.

mageba scope

For the future access to Raron, the “Grossi Brigga Gesch” (Great Gesch Bridge) has been refurbished using mageba expansion joints. On this bridge two 11 m-long TENSA-MODULAR LR6-LS and LR9-LS expansion joints were installed. These joints feature sinus plates which can significantly reduce the noise generated by the over-passing traffic. In addition, the products have been treated with hot-dip galvanizing in order to increase their corrosion protection significantly.

The other two required modular joints of types LR2 and LR3 required, each measuring 9.4 m in length, feature Fuse-Elements, which can prevent the expansion joints from being seriously damaged in case of an earthquake.

Beyond the expansion joints, mageba also delivered 26 RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings with a maximum vertical load capacity of 6,000 kN, 8 LASTO-BLOCK elastomeric bearings of type NBa and 15 LASTO-LRB lead rubber bearings with a maximum vertical load capacity of 5,000 kN.


Lifting one of the TENSA-MODULAR LR-LS joints


A type LR-LS modular expansion joint in its recess

Refsheet-A9-Raron-modular-expansion-joint-fuse element

A modular expansion joint with a Fuse-Element for seismic safety

Key Data


TENSA-MODULAR joints of types LR and LR-LS, RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings, LASTO-BLOCK NBa elastomeric bearings, LASTO-LRB lead rubber bearings


Hot dip galvanized expansion joints, Fuse-Element






Highway bridge


Canton of Valais, Office for National Road Construction


Frutiger AG