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AURÉ Building

Project description

The AURÉ Building is a 15-storey residential apartment building located in an exclusive district of Guatemala City.

With its various amenities such as a business centre, a pet park, community rooms, a gym and a sky lounge, AURÉ will ensure a high standard of living for all its future residents.

mageba scope

After installing seismic isolators success-fully in the Elemento Building in Guatemala our client commissioned us to supply a similar seismic isolation solution for this residential building as well.
This time, mageba was requested to supply 26 LASTO-LRB lead rubber bearings and 4 RESTON-SLIDER bearings.

The lead rubber bearings have a maximum load capacity of 9,400 kN and measure 950 mm in diameter and to facilitate seismic displacements of up to 300 mm.

The bearings were fabricated at mageba’s Indian production facility, and two samples of the LASTO-LRB seismic isolation bearing were independently tested at SISMALAB in Italy to confirm that they will perform as expected in the event of an earthquake.


Lifting of a LASTO-LRB lead rubber bearing to its final position

News-AURE-Building-Guatemala-installation-lead rubber bearing

Installation of a LASTO-LRB lead rubber bearing to the building

Key Data


LASTO-LRB lead rubber bearings and RESTON-SLIDER bearings




Guatemala City


Residential building


Grupo Origo


Desarrollos Acacia


Eng. Byron Paiz