Impact sound insulation



Vibration damping


Impact noise is a type of structure-borne noise that may be caused, for example, by a person walking across a floor or down a stairs.

If high-quality impact sound insulation such as VIBRAX-DAMP 17/8 is not provided, the resulting vibrations can cause disturbances in neighbouring or connecting areas.

Impact sound insulation and impact noise reduction are thus an important part of the construction industry.

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Effective impact sound insulation can be achieved by the use of high-quality impact noise insulation products from the VIBRAX range, such as VIBRAX-DAMP 17/8.

VIBRAX-DAMP 17/8 is a profiled mat product that is manufactured from recycled granulated/fibrous rubber material, for impact noise insulation and structure-borne noise isolation under floating sub-floors or load-distributing slabs.

In contrast to impact noise insulation directly beneath the floor surfacing, this enables disturbing impact noise to be already combatted between structural slab and sub-floor.
VIBRAX-DAMP 17/8 is building authority-approved in Switzerland, Germany and other countries , and offers very high compression strength and excellent noise protection, even at low thicknesses.

It has particularly proven its worth in the construction of mixed-purpose buildings, supermarkets and storage halls, as bearing support for load distributing slabs and sub-floors, and on timber structures.


VIBRAX-DAMP – Impact/footfall noise reduction beneath floating subfloors: up to 30 dB for single-layer, up to 32 dB for two-layer


Isolation around the edge by means of LASTO-STRIP PE, stuck to the base of the wall


Unrolling of VIBRAX-DAMP 17-8 on well-swept subfloor


The VIBRAX-DAMP 17-8 is laid flush along the LASTO-STRIP PE strip at each wall


The joints are sealed using VIBRAX-KLEBEBAND tape


Here, all joints between the LASTO-STRIP PE elements along the base of the wall and between the