Stair bearing



Vibration damping


Footfall noise, a particular form of structure-borne noise, is often a source of considerable disturbance in the stairwells of residential and office buildings. The VIBRAX-STAIR bearing, installed between the stairs slab and its supports, damps such noise effectively - achieving, at an excitation of 100 Hz (in accordance with SIA 181:2006), an isolation effect of up to 99% and reducing footfall noise by up to 40 dB.

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VIBRAX-STAIR bearings provide bearing support for is installed between concrete stairs slabs (cast in-situ or precast) and their supports in order to while also damping footfall structure-borne noise. They offer a reliable, ready-to-use solution for all typical applications and stair slab weights, efficiently transferring horizontal and vertical forces to the connecting landings. The system also includes Additional products, which further help to damp noise from entire stairwells, include the noise-damping fixing pin VIBRAX-STAIRTOP SL/SH and the permanently elastic foams LASTO-STRIP PE VIBRAX-FOAM and VIBRAX-ROPE.


Installation on landing


VIBRAX-STAIRTOP SL retaining pin


Laying stairs on VIBRAX-STAIR