Seeb Corniche Road bridges

Project description

The project involved the construction of six bridges along the Corniche Beach Road at Seeb, Sultanate of Oman. The bridges were built to allow a safe discharge of storm water into the sea while carrying traffic, even during heavy rain and flooding. The bridges all have precast, post-tensioned I-girder decks. The number of spans per bridge varies between four and six. The bridges were designed with spans supported by a combination of elastomeric bearings and shear keys at the fixed end, and by a combination of deformation sliding bearings and horizontal force guided bearings at the free end.

mageba scope

mageba supplied four types of bearing for this project. Vertical loads are carried by a total of 391 LASTO-BLOCK elastomeric bearings (type B, at fixed ends of spans) and 391 LASTO-FLONBLOCK deformation sliding bearings (type Ga, at free ends). Horizontal loads are resisted by a total of 115 RESTON-FORCE shear keys (type SD, with Hmax = 800 kN, at fixed ends) and 115 RESTON-FORCE horizontal force guided bearings (type FE, with Hmax = 350 kN, at the free ends).


Bearings on a pier before the launching of the precast I-girders to form the deck of one bridge


A typical RESTON-FORCE horizontal force guided bearing – resisting only transverse forces

En bref


LASTO-BLOCK bearings, LASTO-FLONBLOCK sliding bearings, RESTON-FORCE shear keys and horizontal force guided bearings






Concrete road bridges