Brăila Bridge

Project description

The new Brăila Bridge, close to the port city of Brăila, is the first structure that crosses the maritime Danube in Romania, and will improve the transportation between the Galați-Brăila area and Constanța, and between the Moldavian and Muntenia regions and Dobruja.

It is Romania’s longest suspension bridge with its total length of 1,974 m. Its main span measures 1,120 m, while the deck of the structure is 31.7 m wide and it offers a clearance of 38 m for shipping underneath. Both access viaducts of the bridge have a length of 110 m.

The total cost of the project including the access viaducts and a 23 km-long connecting road is estimated to be €435 million.

mageba scope

For the bridge’s main span mageba delivered 4 horizontally installed spherical bridge bearings, and another 8 spherical bearings that were positioned vertically as buffers.

Large modular expansion joints of types LR19 and LR23 were also supplied for the bridge. With 23 individual horizontal lamella beams, a maximum movement capacity of 2.3 meters can be accommodated. A size that is only found in such large bridge structures.

For the approach viaducts mageba delivered 24 RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings, which were installed horizontally on both sides of the structure.

In addition, 4 TENSA-GRIP RS single gap joints, along with 2 modular joints of type LR3 and 2 of type LR5 (with a movement capacity of up to 470 mm) were also delivered.

The above mentioned products all fulfil the required longevity and fast replacement requirements for maintenance purposes.


Modular joints for the Braila bridge in mageba's production facility, ready for transport


Lifting of a TENSA-MODULAR LR19 joint to its final position


View of an installed modular joint from below

En bref


RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings, TENSA-GRIP RS single gap joints, TENSA-MODULAR LR modular expansion joints






Suspension bridge

Main span:

1,120 m


1,974 m


2023 (projected)




Webuild S.p.A. and IHI Infrastructure System Co., Ltd.