HP is for High Performance

The HP version of mageba’s RESTON® POT bearing, superior to the standard pot bearing in every way, has now been certified with a European Technical Assessment (ETA) – superseding the European Technical Approval it already had

Our RESTON®POT HP pot bearing, the high performance of which has recently been attested once again by the awarding of a European Technical Assessment (this system now superseding the previous European Technical Approval system), offers three distinct advantages over pot bearings designed according to any widely used international bearing design standard – especially when ROBO®SLIDE, mageba’s state-of-the-art sliding material, is used to facilitate any sliding movements. Using European standard EN 1337-5 as a basis for comparison:


The characteristic strength of the rubber pad is 120 N/mm2 – double the value defined by EN 1337-5, resulting in much reduced bearing size and weight and thus easier installation.


The improved POM sealing chain (Item 3 in the images), which is the most reliable and effective type of seal for this purpose on the market, is certified for a sliding distance of 3200 m (compared to just 2000 meters according to EN 1337-5). Considering also its reduced size due to its higher rubber pad strength, the HP bearing can accommodate more than twice the accumulated rotation of a pot bearing according to EN 1337-5.


The restraint moment exerted by the bearing’s internal rubber pad is significantly lower, reducing the load eccentricity exerted on the bearing’s sliding material (if any) and on the adjacent structural members, which again helps to reduce bearing size.

So, while the standard RESTON® POT bearing is well able to fully satisfy structure needs in most cases for which a pot bearing might be considered, the new RESTON® POT HP version will do the job in every other case – and even better when high performance is required.

1: RESTON®POT HP pot bearing, fixed type: Exploded view

2: RESTON®POT HP pot bearing, guided sliding type (internal guide bar): Exploded view

3: RESTON®POT HP pot bearing, guided sliding type (external guide bars): Exploded view

4: RESTON®POT HP pot bearing, guided sliding type (external guide bars, blocked rotation about vertical axis): Exploded view

5: RESTON®POT HP pot bearing, free sliding type: Exploded view

Key reference

1 = Pot

2 = Elastomeric pad

3 = POM sealing

4 = External seal

5 = Piston

6 = Sliding disc

7 = Sliding sheet

8 = Sliding plate

9 = Sliding strip

10 = Guide bar