mageba –
the NATA Lab

NATA-National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia’s (NATA) role is the delivery of accreditation programs that facilitate a network of competent scientific and technical facilities throughout Australia in order to meet national interest and public benefit objectives.

NATA is one of around hundred or more accreditation bodies world-wide that are signatories to the ILAC MRA and thus results of the components tested in NATA lab are widely acceptable.


Benefits of testing at NATA lab

Testing in NATA lab ensures that the test processes, testing equipment and staff are competent to undertake particular testing. NATA conducts yearly audits at every accredited facility to ensure compliance with the NATA’s regulation.

The test results of components tested in NATA lab are traceable, stored with the NATA lab as per the ISO 17025 requirements and are not shared in public domain to ensure confidentiality.

Beyond that the NATA lab generated test results are valid in more than 50+ countries.

mageba operates NATA Lab in Sydney

mageba’s NATA lab is custom build to undertake testing for all kind of structural and elastomeric bearings to various Australian Standards including all the Road Authorities Australia wide.

mageba’s NATA lab scope of work can be found on the NATA website or can be accessed via this NATA website link.

Testing capacity

The current capacity of the NATA lab enables mageba test the bearings up to 33,000kN vertical loading.

The lab is currently working on increasing the testing capacity up to 45,000kN vertical loading. This test press and the vertical load testing capacity is one of its kind in Australia.