Pattullo Bridge Replacement

Project description

The existing Pattullo Bridge was constructed in 1937 and represents a key connection between the growing suburbs of Metro Vancouver (Surrey and New Westminster) Canada. During its 80 year life, it has become apparent that the bridge is in desperate need of modern design as it still features narrow traffic lanes and as a result, heavy congestion and safety concerns for the public.

The new Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project will help provide a safer crossing with four wider lanes, a dedicated multi-use path for pedestrians on both side of the bridge, and provide more efficient approaches to and from the bridge.

The bridge is located in a earthquake sensitive region and as a result, demands bearings and expansion joints that can sustain large movements.

mageba scope

Due to the seismic classification of the region, this bridge design demands very high loads considering both the 975y and 2975y earthquake load cases.

mageba has designed over 100 special seismic isolation bearings (lead rubber bearings) that can withstand a 2975y earthquake event and still safely operate and support the bridge structure.

Additionally, special construction conditions require a few bearings to be longitudinally guided during construction stage, then locked during final stage.

The project also requires four horizontal spherical bearings at the main span tower to dissipate large movements caused by an earthquake. A special spring system is utilized to ensure that the spherical bearings are in constant compression.

The bearings are to be installed in 2022 with the anticipated bridge opening in 2023.


Rendering of a mageba lead rubber bearing as to be installed in new bridge structure


Rendering of a mageba spherical bearing used for horizontal installation

Key Data


LASTO-LRB lead rubber bearings, RESTON-SPHERICAL and RESTON-POT bearings


Large seismic isolation




New Westminster


Cable-Stayed Bridge

Main span:

284 m (931 ft)


1,235 m (4,052 ft)




BC Ministry of Transportation


Fraser Crossing Constructors General Partnership


LAP and Hatch