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Revere Beach Footbridge

Project description

The city of Revere in Massachusetts is located just 5 miles (8km) from downtown Boston, and its beach is recognized as having been the first public beach in the United States.

Desiring to enhance the beach environment and improve access to it, the city authorities embarked on a development project, which includes a new 1465-car multi-storey car park at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Wonderland subway station.

Having parked their cars, visitors can exit the building onto a new public plaza at the 3rd storey level, from where they must cross a busy road to reach Revere Beach. From late 2012, a new signature pedestrian bridge will make this access to the beach easy and pleasant.

mageba scope

The bridge requires two bearings at each end. At one end, which is designated the fixed end, the loads are resisted, and the deck is held in place, by spherical bearings of type KF2.5, featuring ROBO-SLIDE high-grade sliding material (as a higher strength, higher durability alternative to PTFE).

At the other end, which must be able to move, the bearings are based on a sliding elastomeric bearing pad and a stainless steel sliding partner.

These bearings are designed with uplift clamps to resist the significant 84 kN uplift force arising, and one of the bearings is equipped with steel lugs which prevent sliding in the transverse direction (making it a bearing of type KGe).

The other bearing, allowing sliding in every direction, has no such lugs and is thus of type KGa.

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3D view of a LASTO-BLOCK elastomeric bearing with uplift resistance

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Cut view of a RESTON-SPHERICAL bearing featuring ROBO-SLIDE high-grade sliding material

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