Ramstore Bridge

Project description

The Ramstore Bridge, in Astana, Kazakhstan, was built between 2007 and 2008 to cross the Ishim River. Its deck is suspended by cables from a single arch, which spans diagonally across the deck from one side at one abutment to the opposite side at the other abutment. A soil bund was constructed in the river to enable the deck segments to be supported on a temporary steel structure during the bridge’s construction. With a span of 180 m, the bridge’s innovative design makes it a prominent and attractive feature on the Astana skyline.

mageba scope

mageba supplied a diverse range of products for the construction of the bridge, including bearings, expansion joints and dampers.

TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints of type LR3 (with 3 movement gaps, allowing 240 mm of movement) were supplied for each end of the deck.

RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings, each with a vertical load-carrying capacity of 8000 kN, were supplied to support the deck (two at each end).

RESTON-SA dampers, designed for a force of 750 kN and movements of ±150 mm, were supplied to control the deck’s movements at each end.


Installation of a RESTON-SA damper


Installation of a TENSA-MODULAR expansion joint

En bref


RESTON-SA dampers, RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings, TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints





Structure type:

Arch bridge


180 m