Muscat International Airport

Project description

The new Muscat International Airport expansion will be completed in 2016 and has the capacity to handle 12 million passengers annually. Further expansions planned in three subsequent phases will ultimately boost the airports’ capacity to 24, 36 and 48 million passengers when the demand is required. The Total Gross Floor Area Terminal Building would be 335,000 m2.

mageba scope

In order to assure safety in the Passengers Terminal Building (PTB) mageba delivered a variety of bearings and joints:

In total 90 units of RESTON-POT bearings and 153 RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings for internal steel bridges, steel roofs as well as the tower and lift buildings. The 19 TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints with a total length of 388 m will be installed in traffic forecourt bridges and in the traffic concourse (passenger arrival and departure).

mageba’s supply for building products comprises:

772 units of high-quality point bearings LASTO-FLONPAD GP9, and 182 units of high-quality knuckle and sliding point bearings LASTO-FLONBLOCK, each made in Switzerland.

The process had challenges in terms of maximum available space below and above in several positions and also due to the fact that in other positions the bearings would be visible from the ground floor. mageba‘s input was hence extremely critical for the designing team because it had to adjust their details to the dimensions and heights of the bearings.


A spherical bearing supporting the steel roof of this impressive building


On-site check of a spherical bearing that features patented ROBO-SLIDE sliding material

En bref


90 RESTON-POT bearings, 135 RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings, 19 TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints, 772 LASTO-FLONPAD GP9 point bearings, 182 LASTO-FLONBLOCK sliding bearings






Airport Center


JV “Bechtel – ENKA”


Larsen A&CE


OAMC (Oman Airports Management Company)