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Geoga Bridge

Project description

Geoga Bridge, or “Busan-Geoje Fixed Link”, is an 8.2 kilometers bridge-tunnel fixed link that connects the South Korean city of Busan to Geoje Island. The route opened on December 13 2010, and shortens the travelling distance between Geoje Island and Busan by about 60 kilometers (reducing time from around 2 hours and 10 minutes to 50 minutes) The new road has two lanes in each direction and carries National Road 58.

The fixed link is expected to open Geoje Island to tourist-related development, and to save US$300 million in costs related to traffic delays from the longer route.

Delivered products

Six mageba TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints, type LR 15 with a movement capacity of 1,200 mm have been installed at Geoga bridge in 2008. The modular expansion joints were chosen because mageba’s LR system allows free movement and rotations in all three axis.

The total movement of the bridge deck is divided among a number of individual gaps which are created by horizontal surface beams. The individual gaps are sealed by watertight elastomeric profiles, and surface beam movements are regulated by an elastic control system.


6 TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints 1,200 mm movement (LR15)


The route connects Busan and Geoje Island

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TENSA-MODULAR expansion joint LR15


max. movement 1,200mm






4.5 km cable-stayed bridge, 3.7 km undersea road tunnel


8.2 km