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Gimpo Bridge

Project description

The Gimpo Bridge is a bridge over the Han River, dividing the city of Seoul into north- and south, and connecting the cities of Gimpo and Goyang. This bridge is a crucial element of the Seoul Ring Expressway, which carries the constantly increasing traffic of the dynamic city of Seoul. Gimpo Bridge leads traffic to the domestic airport of Korea. Thanks to the Gimpo Bridge, traffic congestion in western area of Seoul is dispersed drastically.

Gimpo Bridge is the 21st bridge over the Han River, and the longest and widest bridge over the Han River.

Delivered products

mageba TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints with movement capacity of 480 mm were chosen due to the elastic control system to comprehend all possible forces and movements in 3 axis, which occur on the Gimpo Bridge. It ensures kinematic behavior and prevents damage from constraint forces.

Installed modular expansion joints at Gimpo Bridge are in best condition although already installed 16 years. mageba (Korea) Co., Ltd. applies frequent inspections and can confirm full functionality and excellent conditions of mageba’s modular expansion joints even after 16 years of heavy traffic.

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The bridge is a crucial element of the Seoul Ring Expressway


TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints 480 mm movement (LR6)

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TENSA-MODULAR expansion joint LR6


max. movement 480mm




Gimpo & Goyang


Girder bridge


2280 m