Adler - Alpika-Service Road PK401

Project description

In preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, a new road was built between Adler and Alpika-Service, to improve access to the main alpine facilities of the resort at Krasnaya Polyana. A bridge was constructed at PK401 (km 40.1) of this road to cross a flood plain of the adjacent Mzymta river. The three-span structure has a steel deck and concrete abutments and piers.

Since the resort is in a seismically active area, the structure had to be designed and constructed to accommodate seismic ground movements. This was particularly important for the bridge’s mechanical components – its bearings and expansion joints.

mageba scope

To resist vertical forces on the bridge’s deck, mageba supplied 8 free-sliding RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings (type KA), to carry loads of up to 7,600 kN and facilitate movements of up to 300 mm longitudinally and +/- 550 mm transversely. Each of the bearings was equipped with clamps to resist seismic uplift forces.
To resist horizontal forces, mageba supplied RESTON-FORCE shear keys (type F) and a shear pin (type S).
Expansion joints for the deck were also supplied by mageba - a TENSA-MODULAR joint (type LR3) and a TENSA-GRIP single gap joint (type RS-A), one at each end.


A free sliding bearing designed for large transversal movements, with uplift clamps.


A TENSA-MODULAR joint (type LR3) during installation at one end of the bridge’s deck.

En bref


RESTON-SPHERICAL KA uplift bearings, RESTON-FORCE types F and S shear keys/pins, TENSA-MODULAR (LR3) and TENSA-GRIP joints




Sochi ski resort


Steel road bridge