We have an impact on nature, and nature has an impact on us.

Barry Sternlicht

We believe that we do not necessarily need to see urbanization and industrialization in conflict to nature preserving and sustainable ways of life, however, we need to do everything possible to balance our impact on nature.

We are building on our initiative from last year and planting again 5,000 trees. We know that this is a small contribution in the global context, but even small efforts are important and have a positive impact on our planet. Ultimately, many small steps lead to something big that can make a difference.

Giving back to nature

We like the approach “One Dollar. One Tree. One Planet” of the non-profit organization One Tree Planted. By the end of 2021, the organizsation has planted more than 40 million trees in over 43 countries around the world since they have started in 2014.

As mageba is an internationl operating company it makes sense for us to have selected six different reforestation projects on six continents.

Are you interested which project we are supporting?