Australian diversity

In designing and manufacturing the various expansion joints and structural bearings required for the construction of the Bunbury Outer Ring Road in Western Australia, mageba is demonstrating the diversity in its product range.

The city of Bunbury on Australia’s south-western coast is currently being provided with a new four-lane, high-standard road of length 27 kilometres – the Bunbury Outer Ring Road – that will do away with 13 sets of traffic lights and a railway level crossing. mageba is proud to have designed, manufactured and supplied the bearings and expansion joints required by bridge structures along the route that will minimise traffic disruption, with installation scheduled for completion in the coming months before the road opens to traffic in 2024.

The 234 bearings ordered are RESTON®POT bearings – a type of bearing that has proven its quality and reliability in thousands of bridges over the past five decades. But rather than selecting the “standard” version of this bearing type, the project’s engineers opted for the relatively new HP (“High Performance”) version, which offers several distinct advantages. For example, the characteristic strength of the rubber pad at the heart of the bearing is 120 N/mm2 – double the value defined by the relevant European code EN 1337-5, resulting in much reduced bearing size and weight and thus easier installation, while also improving feasibility in many bridge design situations.

The 364 m of expansion joint ordered for the road’s various structures include

At mageba, we like to think of ourselves as a “one-stop shop” that supplies all the various bearing and expansion joint types you are ever likely to require – enabling you to simplify your procurement process and to obtain expert advice from a trusted partner in developing the optimal design solution for your structure. Selecting and specifying bearings and expansion joints is a topic that requires specialist expertise and experience – and we are always happy to provide that, so do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can help. 

Bridge designer: SWGA
Contractor: South West Gateway Alliance
Owner: Mainroads Western Australia

A typical junction of the new Bunbury Outer Ring Road in Western Australia


A typical bridge structure of the new Bunbury Outer Ring Road, showing the bearings supporting the precast beams of its superstructure


Assembly of a RESTON®POT bearing in a mageba factory

A typical TENSA®GRIP expansion joint with noise-reducing surfacing

A typical TENSA®FINGER (type RSFD) cantilever finger expansion joint

A typical TENSA®POLYFLEX® plug expansion joint