Peruvian protection

Seismic protection of buildings and bridges continues to grow in significance across Latin America, as demonstrated by many recent mageba projects – such as the supply of shock absorbers for the Shougang Building in the Peruvian capital, Lima.

While mageba’s past projects in Peru – such as Puente Nanay, which provided road access for the first time to the city of Iquitos – have tended to focus on connecting people, the recent Shougang Building project in Lima had the purpose of protecting them. To enable the existing nine-storey building to survive a strong earthquake and protect the structure’s users, it was decided to retrofit RESTON®SA shock absorbers (seismic dampers) at 28 locations throughout the building. The dampers were designed by mageba with various load capacities (670 kN, 1100 kN and 1500kN, depending on the location in the building) and with a stroke of +/- 125mm. Following successful testing (both Initial Type Testing [ITT] and Factory Production Control [FPC]) at the SISMALAB testing laboratory in mageba’s Shanghai production facility, the devices were shipped to the construction site in Peru. mageba’s project team also came to Lima to provide installation training, thereby ensuring the success of the project’s completion and the safety of the building and its users during future earthquakes – a very worthwhile investment in the future.

Engineer: Incop Ingenieros
Contractor: Topconsult
Owner: Shougang Hierro Peru S.A.A.

The nine-storey Shougang Building in Peru’s capital city, Lima, is currently being retrofitted with 28 mageba RESTON®SA shock absorbers (seismic dampers)

The dampers were designed with load capacities of up to 1500 kN and fabricated at mageba’s Shanghai production facility

Testing (both Initial Type Testing [ITT] and Factory Production Control [FPC]) was carried out at the SISMALAB testing laboratory in mageba’s Shanghai production facility

Sample sheets from the SISMALAB certification of successful testing of the anti-seismic devices in accordance with ASCE 7-22

A RESTON®SA shock absorber as delivered to site, ready to be installed to protect the nine-story building

The installation of the first dampers was carried out under mageba supervision to ensure the quality of the installation process

With the first shock absorbers successfully installed, the building is already better prepared to survive any future earthquakes