Project description

Zollbrücke is located in the heart of Zurich, right next to the city’s main train station, where it carries a road, twin tram tracks, cycle lanes and pedestrian walkways across the river that flows under the train station.
The bridge effectively forms an extension to a longer structure that allows the Sihl river to flow right under Zurich’s main train station and all its above-ground platforms.

As part of the project to renew the tram tracks of the area, the city authorities decided to use the opportunity to replace the single-gap expansion joints at both ends of the bridge.

As the northern part of the building sits adjacent to the underground TTC rail line, vibration isolation was a main criteria and issue for the structure. Hence, mageba supplied a complete solution for the building’s isolation to support the foundation walls, slab walls and columns.

mageba scope

One of the tasks was to design expansion joints that had to precisely suit the complex geometry of the previous ones and their connecting structures and allow the passage of the tram tracks and various service pipes and cables through, while still maintaining watertightness.

The installation of each TENSA-GRIP RB-A80 expansion joint took place in six stages to suit traffic management, with short sections of joint welded to previously installed sections and subsequent insertion of the continuous rubber sealing profiles.

Adding to these challenges, the installation team worked next to live tram and street traffic or on temporarily closed tram tracks, with all the associated safety implications.


Lifting one section of a TENSA-GRIP RB-A80 joint into position


Each joint had to be installed in six stages

Key Data


TENSA-GRIP RB-A80 expansion joints






57 m


Tiefbauamt Stadt Zürich


Tiefbauamt Stadt Zürich / Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich