Rubber compression joint



Expansion joints


  • Facilitates movements and closing of structural joint gaps

  • For joint movements of up to 20 mm

  • Quick and easy installation


TENSA-COMPRESS N movement profile is a permanently elastic compression profile which seals a movement joint or gap as a result of its pre-compression. Its cross section is designed in such a way that as few webs as possible will come into contact when it is compressed, to maximise its flexibility. The v-shaped groove in the top surface predetermines how it will fold, resulting in a clean, harmonious look along the full length of the joint. The profile prevents the ingress of rainwater, air, wind and noise excellently. TENSA-COMPRESS N combats both heat gain and heat loss.


TENSA-COMPRESS N movement profile can be easily utilised in the construction of both buildings and civil structures. It enables joints to be sealed on the facades of factory buildings, multi-storey car parks, storage structures and apartment buildings, and in subterranean applications such as tunnels and subway networks.
The EPDM material used is formulated and manufactured to achieve very good resistance to ageing and weathering.


Installing with a caulking tool


Sealed concrete structures


Detail of corner installation