Renforcement de la chaussée



Joints de dilatation


  • Appliqué le long des côtés de tout type de joint

  • Empêche la déformation de la chaussée

  • Evite les impacts de roue sur le joint

  • Réduit le bruit, augmente le confort


The ROBO-STATIFLEX reinforcing beam is made of a special polymer concrete known under trade name ROBO-FLEX.
With a combination of high resistance to deformation and simultaneous elasticity, this reinforcing beam reliably prevents the formation of track grooves directly in front of and after expansion joint structures and their emerging from the road surface.


The installation of ROBO-STATIFLEX reinforcing beam is suitable for new and already existing joints. The prevention of the formation of track grooves increases the service life of expansion joints. Further advantages are an increased passing comfort of road users, the reduction of passing noise and a short total installation time.


Top view on a modular expansion joint with sinus plates and ROBO-STATIFLEX reinforcing beam


Readily prepared recess for installation of the reinforcing beam