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Ghotour Bridge

Project description

Ghotour Bridge is a railway bridge over the Ghotour River in West Azarbaijan province, north-western Iran. It is a steel arch bridge, and its construction was completed in 1970. It has an overall length of 443 m, with the longest span being 223 m. In the 1980s it withstood airstrikes during the Iran-Iraq war.

During the planning of seismic retrofitting works to be carried out in 2014-2015, it was decided to add shock absorbers to dampen transverse oscillations. This type of damper is becoming ever more popular for use on structures in seismically active zones such as Iran.

mageba scope

mageba supplied a total of 20 RESTON-SA shock absorbers for installation on the bridge – 16 on the lower part and 4 for the deck – to control the bridge’s transversal movements. The 16 dampers for the lower part were each designed for a force of 990 kN and a stroke of +/- 100 mm at velocities of up to 880 mm/s, while the 4 dampers for the deck were designed for a force of 680 kN and a stroke of +/- 250 mm at velocities of up to 1600 mm/s.

For the purposes of quality control, factory production control testing was carried out in accordance with the European standard EN 15129.

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A RESTON-SA shock absorber, excluding connection fittings at each end

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Parts of the RESTON-SA shock absorbers as fabricated, prior to assembly of the dampers

Key Data


RESTON-SA shock absorbers




West Azerbaijan


Steel railway bridge


443 m

Main span:

223 m