Smart bearing

ROBO-SMART for structural bearings




The ROBO-SMART for structural bearings is a small, self-powered and integrated acquisition unit. The precise and durable sensors with robust electronics transfer the measured data via 3G GSM network to a mageba server for 24-hour online data presentation and access via secure web interface. The ROBO-SMART sensors for structural bearings can be assembled directly in factory or as an upgrade on site.


Any type of structural bearing from mageba’s wide range can be designed and manufactured with an integrated structural health monitoring system.

The use of a ROBO-SMART monitoring system can enable the life-cycle cost optimisation of a structural bearing, for example by measuring accumulated movements leading to reduced maintenance intervals. Using such a system, the structure’s behaviour can be assessed on the basis of continuously measured parameters, with real-time data accessible online at any time and receiving warnings in case of passing of certain thresholds (e.g. movements, loads, rotations). Moreover, future bearing replacement projects will benefit from continuous measurement of maximum loads and movements, leading to optimised design of the new structural bearing based on actual required load, rotational and movement capacities.