Membrane sliding bearing



Structural bearings


LASTO-FOL sliding bearings are easily installable and relatively inexpensive bearings for use in building construction. They consist of two polystyrene sheets, loosely laid, one on top of the other. These offer very low friction, and are additionally treated on the contact surface between the sheets with silicone grease, further reducing friction. If the structure’s bearing surfaces are very flat, a simple double-sheet (Type FOL G) will suffice. If unevenness must be compensated, a double-sheet featuring a 2mm elastomer coating (Type FOL GE) is required.

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LASTO-FOL sliding bearings can be used wherever a sliding separation is required between load-carrying structural elements, but no rotation will arise. Horizontal displacements between individual structures are facilitated with the lowest friction possible. Generally, the bearings are used where concrete slabs are supported by walls and steel beams, or must be fully isolated from their footing.


Composition of a LASTO-FOL GE bearing


LASTO-FOL production