M4 Highway Bridges

Project description

The Russian M4 highway links Moscow with the Black Sea coast, and in particular with Rostov and Novorossiysk - the two large port cities on the Don River. During a decade of economic boom starting in 1998, when the Russian economy grew by an average of 7% per year, traffic on the highway also grew, with congestion becoming a problem. In order to address this congestion, the highway was extensively upgraded and widened in the years following the turn of the century. The work involved the reconstruction and upgrading of many bridges, such as those included in this project.

mageba scope

In 2012, mageba was awarded contracts to supply TENSA-GRIP Type RS expansion joints for ten bridges on the route. The client’s commitment to long-term serviceability and durability was demonstrated by the use of two “optional extras” offered by mageba: ROBO-DUR asphalt reinforcing ribs, which prevent the deformation of the asphalt at each side of the joint (and thus minimises impacts on the joint), and hump seals, which prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris in the gaps of a single-gap or modular joint and provide additional protection against piercing and leaking.


A TENSA-GRIP type RS expansion joint during installation, showing its strong anchorages


An installed TENSA®GRIP RS joint, with hump seal and ROBO-DUR asphalt reinforcing ribs

Key Data


TENSA-GRIP Type RS expansion joints


Humps seals, ROBO-DUR asphalt reinforcement




Highway bridges


M4 (Don Highway)


Russian Federal Road Agency