Sava Bridge

Project description

The Sava Bridge, also known as Ada Bridge, is a cable-stayed bridge over the Sava river in Belgrade, Serbia. In the city’s first urbanization plan, the bridge represents a vital part as it connects the two municipalities Čukarica and New Belgrade. Featured with three road lanes and a tram (light rail) track in each direction, it is designed to significantly reduce traffic passing through the city centre and the older Gazela Bridge.

In the category of single-pylon cable-stayed bridges, with its 376 m main span and deck width of 45 m together with the 200 m pylon, Sava bridge is the largest asymmetric cable-stayed bridge being constructed in the world at this present time, with almost 16’935 m2 of main span hanging on one pylon.

mageba scope

The project was divided into three parts and contained supplies for the Main Bridge, the North Approach Ramps and the South Approach Ramps. mageba and the 2014 acquired RW-SH group, jointly delivered a variety of bearings and joints:

- pot bearings with up to 11‘000 kN loads
- spherical bearings with up to 107’000 kN loads
- modular joints, featured with noise reducing sinus plates, with movements up to 1‘040 mm longitudinal + up to 800 mm and transversal movements up to 600 mm
- single-seal joints with sinus plates and with movements up to 320 mm
- open joints
- cantilever finger joints with movements up to 320 mm


A modular joint featuring noise-reducing sinus plates, installed in the bridge’s structure


The joints and bearings were produced in the production facilities in Shanghai, Hungary and Germany

Key Data


spherical bearings, pot bearings, modular joints, partly with sinus plates, single-seal joints with sinus plates, cantilever finger joints






cabel-stayed bridge


996 m

Longest span:

376 m


Porr Bau GmbH, SCT Slovenia