Pont de la Poya

Project description

Construction of the 860m, cable-stayed Poya Bridge commenced in 2009 and completion is expected in 2012. The 86m cable stayed main span is supported by slender 165m tall towers and carries two carriageways, each 3m wide, and a 1.5m wide central reservation for safety reasons. The project also includes a 262m long tunnel. The total development length of the project is 1,460m.
The Poya Bridge significantly improves traffic around the city of Fribourg, giving a great boost to the economic development of the surrounding region.

Delivered products

mageba was awarded the contract to supply 26 RESTON®POT bearings of types TA and TE, as well as 2 TENSA®MODULAR expansion joints of types LR5 and LR7. The smaller expansion joint, which is located near to a village, is also equipped with special “sinus plates” on its surface that significantly reduces the noise generated by traffic passing over the joint. This type of expansion joint is exceptionally flexible, allowing movements in every direction and limited rotations about every axis, and is particularly suitable where large longitudinal movements must be accommodated.


The Poya Bridge across the Sarine River


mageba pot bearings before delivery

Key Data


RESTON®POT Pot bearing type TA/TE, TENSA®MODULAR type LR-LS5 / LR7






Cable-stayed bridge


860 m