AlpTransit Viaduct 781

Project description

The construction of the new AlpTransit / NEAT railway connection through the Alps mountains is one of the biggest building projects currently being undertaken in Switzerland. Its tunnels and viaducts will reduce the travel time between Zurich and Milan by a full hour, to just 2.5 hours. The new route is scheduled to open to rail traffic in 2019.
A railway viaduct on the north side, known as Lotto 781, connects the new Ceneri base tunnel to the existing railway line between Bellinzona and Locarno. It has a length of 1012m and is curved with a radius of 850m.

mageba scope

mageba is supplying large pot bearings and massive shear keys to support the viaduct’s deck. These were designed to withstand the large acceleration and braking forces of railway traffic and the centrifugal forces resulting from the viaduct’s curvature, and the fatigue loading resulting from deck deflections. They must also be designed to facilitate the ground settlements of up to 120mm that are expected due to local soil conditions. The shear keys (which prevent horizontal forces but carry no vertical loads) are designed for forces of up to 9,850 kN, and the pot bearings resist up to 31,000 kN.

18 RESTON-STU shock transmission units are also being supplied, designed for forces of up to 5000 kN.


The support of one pier (shear key at centre and a pot bearing at each side) during installation.


Installation of a RESTON-STU shock transmission unit in the viaduct’s deck.

Key Data


RESTON-POT bearings, RESTON-FORCE shear keys, RESTON-STU shock transmission units


Shear keys designed for fatigue loading


2012 - 2019


AlpTransit / NEAT




2019 (projected)


Railway viaduct


1012 m