LASTO-STRIP linear bearings efficiently and durably prevent damage such as cracking and spalling to buildings. The high-quality elastomeric core, the durable silicone grease, the low-friction, impact resistant sliding sheet and the PTFE coating were brought together to satisfy the requirements and successfully tested. LASTO-STRIP linear bearings are made from only high-quality materials and satisfy the highest demands for durability and sliding ability.


LASTO-STRIP linear bearings are used wherever structural loading, movements and rotations must be controlled and transmitted with virtually no constraint forces. They prevent unwanted edge pressures, reduce the transmission of structure-borne noise and ensure a long service life for a structure. To date, countless structures such as apartment buildings, single residence buildings, multi-storey car parks and shopping centres have been equipped with LASTO-STRIP linear bearings.

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    LASTO-STRIP linear bearing

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    Preparing smooth mortar bed

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    Installation of LASTO-STRIP