TENSA-BASE is a robust and very elegant expansion joint for both internal and external use. The strong edge beams are made from extruded high-quality anticorodal aluminium. The robust sealing profile, which is inserted at the upper surface, is of aging-resistant elastomer. This results in a reliable watertight expansion joint which offers excellent driver comfort. If necessary, the sealing profile can be replaced without any problem. TENSA-BASE is supplied in six different variations as standard.


TENSA-BASE expansion joints can be used for most movement gaps in commercial buildings, storage halls, underground and multi-storey car parks, ramps, airports, railway stations, shopping centres etc. For structure-specific expansion joints featuring changes of direction, bends, crossings or upturns, detailed drawings are required.

Image gallery

  • TENSA-BASE-img1

    Adjusting the TENSA-BASE

  • TENSA-BASE-img2

    Expansion joint with paving

  • TENSA-BASE-img3

    Installation in entrance to underground car park