Coop Jegenstorf

In Jegenstorf Coop has found a new location for centre super structuring. The above located apartments were supposed to be protected against structure and airborne sound emissions from the shop and the storage facilities in the ground floor to provide for an increased living comfort according to sound insulation standard SIA 181/2006.

Sound insulation separates areas of usage

mageba sa being a solution provider for sound insulation suggested an entirely elastic separation of the apartments superstructure towards the shop on a space of 880sqm. For this purpose an elastic interlayer was layed onto the load bearing slab of the ground floor. On top of this layer a distributed load slap and on that the living superstructure was built.

The implemented solution bears the advantage that the areas of usage within the building are completely separated. Investors are not bound to a specific type of user or usage for the commercial spaces of the building. This increases the flexibility with regards to tenancy as well as the security of investment.

Certified and top quality products

Due to the strongly different static loads, materials with complementary stress and insulation characteristics have been assembled. For the less loaded areas a two-ply sound insulating intermediate layer from GREI G8, for the line support beneath the load bearing walls MEGAMAT of different density and beneath the columns the highly stressable VIBRAX®BLOCK B were chosen.

Solid planning

By involving mageba already during the planning phase sources of defects can be detected in the very beginning and costly solutions at the interfaces are avoided.
Structure borne sound insulation and vibration insulation are influencing quite often the static system and the load bearing capacity within the building. Being a company with distinctive engineering competence, mageba can advise and offer you as well professional solutions for difficult cases.

Professional laying

The assembly requires a thorough planning preparation and a reliable coordination of project stages with upstream and downstream working. Owing to work planning and the comprehension of the laying personal mageba can quickly and flexibly react to the changing circumstances on the construction site and is able to avoid sources of defects of any sound insulation a priori. The employment of specialised personnel reduces this way the risk of laying failures and therewith substantially defects in the structure borne sound and vibration insulation.

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