We support you in your selection of the right product.

Our product specialists will be pleased to advise you in the development of the optimal technical solution for your construction project, and to provide pricing information and quotations.

The identification of suitable products and the preparation of a comprehensive quotation require an appropriate level of information about the project. The following information is typically required, depending on the product type:

Expansion joints

  • Overview drawing of the area of the joint, with longitudinal and transverse sections

  • Required movements (including directions)

  • Any requirements for noise reduction

  • Any further special features or requirements


  • Maximum, minimum and permanent vertical loads, and the corresponding horizontal loads (ULS)

  • Maximum horizontal loading in longitudinal and transverse directions, and the corresponding vertical load (ULS)

  • Movements and rotations in the structure’s longitudinal and transverse directions

  • Structural details (concrete strength of the superstructure and substructure, space availability for bearings, etc.)

  • Design requirements (norm, bearing connection details, dust protection)

Seismic protection

  • Structural damping

    • Overview drawing showing geometrical installation conditions

    • Movement capacity

    • Maximum force

    • Maximum speed

    • Damping constants C and α

    • Prestressing and stiffness (as appropriate)

  • Structural isolation

    • Overview drawing showing geometrical installation conditions

    • Maximum vertical load (ULS)

    • Maximum horizontal load (ULS)

    • Maximum seismic load

    • Movements and rotations

    • Required damping or curvature (for sliding pendulum bearings)