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Condo calm

With mageba bearings isolating a new upmarket condominium building in Toronto from vibrations caused by an adjacent underground railway, the residents can be sure of a good night’s sleep
An exclusive new condominium building on Bloor Street in Toronto’s west end, to be known as 4 The Kingsway, will offer exceptional comfort to its residents – not least in terms of the protection it provides against structure-borne noise and vibrations. The eight-storey building is being built adjacent to an underground rail line, so vibration isolation was a key requirement in the structure’s design and construction.

Thanks to its strong background in providing vibration isolation solutions to construction projects around the world, mageba was well placed to develop and supply a complete solution. The approach to vibration isolation employed, using VIBRAX®BLOCK bearings, is based on the use of a special compound that enables each bearing to not only resist
vertical loads, but also to dampen all vibrations acting on them. This is achieved by designing bearings (generally an iterative process requiring static calculations and determination of dynamic values for given load situations) with several layers of suitable elastomer, separated by steel plates which increase vertical load capacity.

In total, 421 VIBRAX®BLOCK bearings were designed, fabricated, and – following successful static deformation testing with a tolerance of just +/- 15% – installed at appropriately selected locations to isolate the building’s superstructure from its substructure. The bearings were designed for loads ranging between 90 kN and 900 kN, and manufactured using natural rubber (NR) with a Shore A hardness of 50 +/– 5 which provides high tensile strength, elasticity and cold flexibility – and, of course, high isolation against vibrations. Some of the bearings were designed with an external steel plate vulcanized into the bottom surface to facilitate anchoring to the substructure.

VIBRAX®BLOCK bearings are also used for a wide range of further applications, such as isolation of vibrations from overhead bridge cranes and insulation of structure-borne noise from building service installations such as lifts and air-conditioning units. Should you require support in developing a solution for any specific application, please contact us at AwpeV3MFAg0WVlIdHQE=t.


Layout drawing showing locations of VIBRAX®BLOCK bearings beneath the building – with lines of bearings supporting walls, and sets of two to six bearings supporting columns


The use of VIBRAX®BLOCK bearings in buildings near railway lines can greatly reduce vibrations in the buildings


VIBRAX®BLOCK bearings are commonly used to support crane rails of overhead bridge cranes, minimizing the effect of vibrations from crane movements


In 2013, over 3,000 VIBRAX®BLOCK bearings were used to isolate a new building complex in central Stuttgart, with its 43,000 m2 of retail space, 7400 m2 of office space and 8500 m2 of hotel space

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Illustration (cut-out view) of a typical VIBRAX®BLOCK bearing, with a special rubber compund


Illustration (cut-out view) of a VIBRAX®BLOCK bearing with an external steel plate vulcanized into one surface to facilitate easy fixing in place or connection


A line of VIBRAX®BLOCK bearings as installed to support a wall during construction of the building


A set of six VIBRAX®BLOCK bearings as installed in a recess to support a column, separated from each other and from the surrounding structure by a Styrofoam-type material