Vibration isolation for buildings and machines

Vibration isolation ensures continued service and enhances well-being

Vibrations cause disturbance

The sensitivity of the population to vibrations and shaking of buildings and other structures has changed in recent decades. Such adverse effects are not simply accepted any more. Vibrations and noise, once accepted as fate, now often lead to lengthy legal proceedings.
Indeed, thanks to improving materials technology, structures are now being built ever more slender, with longer beam and slab spans, and thus more susceptible to vibrations.
At the same time, the sources of vibrations continue to multiply, both from growing road and rail traffic and from the increasing provision of building services, such as heat pumps, lifts and air conditioning.

Reduced usability is the result

Noise can have a major impact on a building’s usability, by affecting the well-being of its users or reducing their productivity. In many cases, this has led to significant reductions in rental income or to the termination of long-term rental contracts.

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