Demands on our products

In 2003, mageba was the first company in the bearing manufacturing sector to have its quality management system certified according to ISO 9001. As one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of bridge bearings for roads and railways, mageba is subjected daily to the most stringent requirements with regards, for example, to safety and maintenance. For us this is a stimulus to further improve the high quality of our products and their application.

Point bearings

mageba‘s extensive range of high-quality, reinforced and unreinforced deformation and sliding bearings, all constructional challenges can be overcome. For the highest building loads you can refer to our tried and tested pot and spherical bearings, which have been extensively used in bridge construction.

Slab bearings

The building construction bearings of the LASTO®STRIP and LASTO®FOL range developed and tested by mageba transfer the building loads and movements in a controlled and almost constraint-free manner to the adjacent construction unit. They thereby ensure the durability of the building.

Wall bearings

The LASTO®WALL wall bearings greatly decrease unwanted noise transmissions through the building.

Our services

  • Preparation of special solutions for the support of your structure

  • Consultation, and design of bearings

  • Training of engineers in the use of bearings

  • Supervision and training of the buil¬ding contractor during installation

  • Inspection of installed bearings

  • Procurement/Costing

  • Execution of project-specific laboratory tests


Point bearings


Slab bearings


Wall bearings