Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway

Project description

This transport infrastructure project is one of the most iconic in the Middle East to date and measures a total of 48.5 km.

The project comprises of two links spanning across the Kuwait Bay. The 36-km Main Link or the Subiyah Link connects the capital, Kuwait City with the northern Subiyah area and it is one of the longest maritime road links in the world. Its cable stayed bridge with its exquisite arch pylon rises as a landmark in the middle of the vital navigation route of Kuwaiti Bay.

Both, the Main Link and Doha Link consists of two carriageways that have a total width of 30.6 m, and accommodates three traffic lanes in each direction and an emergency lane.

During the construction a number of bridges, interchanges, embankments and buildings for infrastructure services, authorities and administrative purposes have been built.

mageba scope

The project involved the use of 141 TENSA-MODULAR LR joints in total.
For the Main Link, 59 TENSA-MODULAR LR6 expansion joints with ex-works lengths of up to 25.5 m were delivered.

The modular joints of the Doha Link are of type LR8 with between four and eight individual movement gaps each, to accommodate longitudinal superstructure movements of between 320 mm and 640 mm.

They were also designed for large transverse movements, with the support bars that traverse the superstructure’s movement gap at each location, supporting the joint’s surface beams, able to swivel significantly about a vertical axis.

In order to accommodate the limited depth of block-outs in the concrete superstructure in some cases, the standard “I-beam” profile generally used for the support bars of this type of expansion joint was replaced by full rectangular profiles.


One of the modular joints lifted into position


A TENSA-MODULAR LR6 joint in its recess

Key Data


TENSA-MODULAR LR expansion joints




Kuwait City


36 km




Ministry of Public Works Kuwait (MPW)


Combined Group and GS Engineering & Construction


Dar Al-Handasah