Krka Bridge

Project description

About 2 kilometres south of Skradin (Croatia), near the Krka National Park, an arch bridge is being built over the Krka river. The concrete structure of the bridge, the construction of which started in 2003, should be ready in October 2004. The bridge is scheduled to open for traffic in June 2005, which is just before the beginning of the vacation season.
The structure is very picturesque, fitting harmoniously into the landscape. It also has impressive technical features: the 390m long bridge has an arch spanning of 204m. Here, a motorway with four lanes will cross the river at a height of 66m. The 23-meter-wide superstructure was build as a sandwich structure with carriageway plates made from prefabricated parts.
The bridge arch, with a cross-section of 10 x 3 m, is build in cantilevered construction in 5.20 m steps.

Delivered products

Two LR6 modular expansion joints were ordered from mageba for the Krka bridge. The joints have a maximum movement capacity of 400 mm.
Based on the existing topographic situation, the joints were equipped with a special corrosion protection system. The corrosion protection meets the requirements of the standard EN ISO 12944 and corresponds to the corrosion class C4 for bridges in seawater conditions.


The bridge deck is at a height of 70m above the river


The installed mageba expansion joint of type LR6


The bridge is located near the Krka National Park

Key Data


TENSA®MODULAR expansion joints type LR6


max. movement 400 mm






Arch bridge


390 m