McKinley Street Grade Separation

Project description

The McKinley Street Bridge in Corona, California is being built to provide a “grade separation” solution to improve traffic flows where the McKinley Street crosses a busy railway line, a canal and another road, all at ground level.

The new bridge has a span of 87.2 m (286 ft) and will raise the driving surface of McKinley Street to approximately 9 m (30 ft) at its highest point.

With the project’s financing requiring its funds to be utilized within a short timeframe, the urgency to plan and organize the project, and to design and construct the new structure, was a defining criterion from the outset.

mageba scope

A key consideration in the bridge’s design was the need for it to withstand any earthquakes that might be expected in the area.

mageba’s comprehensive solution incorporating all aspects of the structure’s support and movements consist of 4 RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings, each free-sliding, designed to support vertical loads of 3,694 kips (16,421 kN); 158 LASTO-BLOCK elastomeric bearings, featuring horizontal movement restraints as required; 8 RESTON-PSD preloaded spring dampers, designed to provide horizontal fixity in service conditions but to permit the kind of seismic movements that would severely damage the structure; and 4 RESTON-SA shock absorbers, designed to accommodate and control movements in service conditions.

The 2 TENSA-POLYFLEX-RapidCure joints supplied are entirely compatible with the seismic isolation solution, and capable of dissipating energy in any direction with little or no damage, except in the largest seismic events.


Design representation of one of the four RESTON-SPHERICAL bearings


The installed RapidCure joints are able to accommodate sizeable displacements in any direction

Key Data


RESTON-SPHERICAL and LASTO-BLOCK bearings, RESTON-PSD dampers, RESTON-SA shock absorbers, TENSA-POLYFLEX-RapidCure joints




Corona, CA


Tied arch bridge

Main span:

87.2 m (286 ft)


City of Corona


Walsh Construction Company II


Biggs Cardosa Associates