Avrasya (Eurasia) Tunnel

Project description

The Eurasia Tunnel (or the Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project) connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul under the Bosphorus Strait.

The whole route stretching between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe, including the tunnel approach roads, has a length of 14.6 km, while the double-deck tunnel itself is 5.4 km. The tunnel was built beneath the seabed by using a special ­technology.

Due to the new crossing, the travel time between the two continents, which took more than one and a half hour before, decreased to only 5 minutes. The tunnel can be only used by light vehicles, heavy trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians are not allowed to use it.

It was opened to traffic on December 22, 2016 and costs 1,245 million USD. The operation of the tunnel is expected to save 30,000 tons of fuel and emit 18,000 tons less CO2 per year.

mageba scope

mageba provided 680 m TENSA-POLYFLEX-Advanced PU flexible plug expansion joint of type PA75 both for the carriageways and for the sidewalks. These joints can accommodate a total longitudinal movement of 75 mm.

In order to prevent fissures and cracks on the asphalt borders, polymer concrete was used as a stabilizing element.

The waterproof membrane of the structure is integrated into the joint’s polymer concrete material to ensure the watertightness and durability of the whole system for many years to come.

The supervision and the installation of the 164 joints that started in mid November 2016 and finished by mid December 2016 were performed entirely by mageba due the to special requirements.


Casting of a TENSA-POLYFLEX-Advanced PU joint


One of the installed TENSA-POLYFLEX flexible plug joints

Puntos destacados


TENSA®POLYFLEX® Advanced PU flexible plug expansion joints type PA75






Double-deck tunnel


14.6 km (5.4 km beneath the sea)




ATAS (Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment Inc.)


Yapı Merkezi and SK E&C JV