Project description

The Singapore Sports Hub is a sports complex on an area of 35 hectares and involves a new national stadium, multi-purpose indoor area, indoor aquatic centre, water sports centre, library, museum, commercial space and a sports promenade.

The Sports Hub is the world’s largest sports facilities PPP project, and is Singapore’s premier land and water sports centre. It has an innovative moving tier design which allows the stadium to be used for various sporting events.

The design of the stadium sets new standards for sustainable and green buildings, and is the first naturally ventilated sports complex in the world.

mageba scope

mageba designed customised RESTON-POT bearings with locker arms to fulfill the demanding needs of the project. Due to the three moving tiers in the national stadium, the bearings have to be able to automatically reset once the tiers are put back in their original position. The special locking arm bearings achieve a maximum free movement of 55 mm.

All the bearings were installed in February 2014, enabling the project to be completed in time for the 2014 Southeast Asia Games.


mageba locking arm bearing during installation


RESTON-POT bearing with special “locking arm” design, as fabricated

Key Data


RESTON-POT bearings


“Locking arm” design to reset position






Sports facility


35 hectares


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