Earthquake-resistant expansion joint systems

MIGUMAX floor, -wall and ceiling joints


Expansion joints


  • Designed for extremly high movements

  • Joint widths up to 500 mm with a wide range of application

  • Eliminate or minimise structural damage in case of a seismic event


The profiles are designed in such a way that thermal and, in the event of an earthquake, seismic joint movements can be absorbed. The earthquake-resistant joint constructions were developed especially for large joint widths with extreme movements. In an emergency, the profiles can minimize or completely prevent structural damage and thus protect the residents. The application areas of the MIGUMAX joint profile system are floor, - wall and ceiling joints.


The MIGUMAX joint profile system has been specially developed for shopping centres, industrial facilities, hospitals, retirement homes, high-rise buildings, multi-storey car parks and gangways. This preventive protection is indispensable, especially for construction projects that are to continue to fulfil their function safely during and after the earthquake. In connection with earthquake-proof joint constructions, tested fire protection solutions are also available for all joint profiles and movements. The wall and ceiling joint inserts can be individually adapted to the selected materials of the environment.


Middle plate can be covered with different floor coverings


Doorway detail


Dual line expansion joint with small visible width