Vibration isolation mats



Vibration damping


VIBRAX-DAMP vibration isolation mats, a high-quality mix of elastomer granules and fibres, possesses high spring characteristics and thus damps vibrations and structure-borne noise efficiently and durably.

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VIBRAX-DAMP is suitable for the use in building construction and to support machinery, that reach pressures of between 0.05 and 4 N/mm2. Natural frequencies as low as 15 Hz can be achieved.

In particular, the product is used for the support of buildings or parts of buildings. Vertical movements of the building structure caused by external sources such as railway traffic often result in noticeable vibrations or as audible airborne sound. As a bearing element, VIBRAX-DAMP reduces noise and vibrations to an acceptable level.

VIBRAX-DAMP is also often used for the damping of machines. During operation, moving parts of machines generate undesired vibrations and structure-borne noise through rotation and lifting/lowering movements. Here too, decoupling with the use of the tried and tested VIBRAX-DAMP bearings provides relief.


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Vibrax-Damp elastomeric mats during installation work on site