Vibration isolation mats



Vibration damping


Vibrations are often caused by machines and other types of equipment, and can result in noise or discomfort – both of which can significantly impact on the affected environment, in the form of structural damage or health implications.

Prevention of vibrations, and the resulting reduction of noise and discomfort, thus play an important role in the fields of construction and machinery.

Protection against vibrations can be achieved by the use of high-quality vibration isolation pads from the VIBRAX range, such as VIBRAX-DYN. Anti-vibration bearings of VIBRAX-DYN form the interface between a dynamic stimulating system and one that is to be protected. As a bearing element, VIBRAX-DYN reduces noise and vibrations very effectively.

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Thanks to its closed-cell structure, VIBRAX-DYN is especially suitable for use as a compressible bearing where a building’s isolation level is below groundwater level. Options include full-surface, linear or point bearings for buildings, machines or railway lines.

VIBRAX-DYN has practically no damping effect, but functions technically like a spring, and is suitable for vibration isolation in the case of high dynamic loading demands.
VIBRAX-DYN has especially proven its value as bearing support for buildings and machines.