Structure-born noise isolation



Vibration damping


VIBRAX-STAIRTOP SL is a shear pin for low to medium forces, which is used to connect and positionally secure concrete structural elements. The elastomeric coating that is vulcanised onto one end reduces the transmission of structure-borne noise. The pin can be used in all structure-borne noise-damping joints. An installation sleeve, for use e.g. in the case of prefabricated structural elements, is also available.

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For securing stairs slabs, access balconies and similar structures. VIBRAX-STAIRTOP SL is inserted into previously concreted-in installation sleeves, or the elastomeric part can be inserted into a suitably bored hole. For connection to a steel structure, the pin can be supplied with a thread.


VIBRAX-STAIRTOP SL retaining pin