Cylindrical bearings



Structural bearings


  • Typical loads: Up to 100,000 kN

  • Ideal for replacement of line rocker or roller bearings

  • Combines the advantages of a modern spherical bearing with the dimensions of existing linear bearings / roller bearings

  • Duplo type ensures centric load introduction and allows rotation about any horizontal axis


The RESTON®CYLINDER bearings accommodate rotations by sliding on a curved surface – similar to the more common RESTON®SPHERICAL bearings. In contrast to spherical bearings, the curved sliding surface is not spherical but cylindrical. Displacements are also accommodated by sliding.

Cylindrical bearings consist of three core elements. The lower concave part supports the calotte, which in turn supports the sliding plate. The sliding surface below the calotte is cylindrical (the axis of the cylinder being in line with the transverse y-axis) in order to accommodate the (main) rotation about the transverse axis. The sliding surface above the calotte is either flat (RESTON®CYLINDER MONO), or cylindrical (RESTON®CYLINDER DUPLO) depending on the need to facilitate rotations about the longitudinal axis.


The dimensions of existing support structures often require a narrow and elongated structural beraring design. Cylindrical bearings are designed to address those structural requirements and therefore are the state-of-the-art bearing solution for the replacement of end-of-life roller bearing and line rocker bearings in existing structures.

The RESTON®CYLINDER bearing’s key advantage over the more common pot and spherical bearings is that practically any ratio of width to length may be defined as required for the specific project situation.

Compared to roller, line rocker, or conventional MONO type cylindrical bearings, which consist of a flat sliding surface above the calotte, the RESTON®CYLINDER DUPLO offers added value by ensuring a centric load introduction in conjunction with rotation capability about any horizontal axis due to its cylindrical sliding surface.

For detailed information please see the product brochure below.


RESTON®CYLINDER structural bearing prior to installation on SBB railway bridge near Basel, Switzerland


Concave part of a RESTON®CYLINDER DUPLO structural bearing with ROBO®SLIDE sliding material


RESTON®CYLINDER structural bearing during installation


Cylinder bearing set in place


RESTON®CYLINDER UPLIFT allows the transfer of tensile or compressive forces