Sur–Al Ayjah Road (OM)


Sur - Al Ayjah Road

Project description

As a result of the cyclone “Gonu” in June 2007, many roads and culverts were washed away in Sultanate of Oman. Gonu is considered the strongest tropical cyclone on record in the Arabian Sea. The impact was highest in the coastal areas and some regions were completely cut off for a number of days.The Omani Ministry of Transport and Communication took a big step in initiating the building of new bridges and the rehabilitation of existing ones. Furthermore, many culverts are now being upgraded to bridges. This was especially important in the areas most devastated during the cyclone. The Sur – Al Ayjah Road connects Al Ayjah town with the city of Sur across the creek. The bridge is built from precast, post-tensioned T-girders with integral piers and a continuous deck slab.

Delivered products

A total of 60 running meters of TENSA-GRIP expansion joints type RS-A80 with a movement capacity of 80 mm have been delivered. These joints allow movements and rotations along all three axes.

A special design of the expansion joint edge beam was stipulated by the engineers. mageba was one of the few companies to fully comply with the given requirements.

Sur–Al Ayjah Road-img1

View of the joints after six months of service

Sur–Al Ayjah Road-img3

Installation of the expansion joint

Sur–Al Ayjah Road-img2

A mageba representative from Oman is supervising the installation of the joints

Fontos adatok




max. movement 80 mm