East Coast Integrated Depot

Project description

The East Coast Integrated Depot (ECID), primarily consisting of a multi-level train depot and a multi-level bus depot is being constructed near Singapore’s Changi Airport, with completion expected in 2025.

It will serve three of Singapore’s six Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines as well as a number of bus lines, with space to accommodate approximately 220 trains and 550 buses.

By housing so much of Singapore’s public transportation fleet at a single multi-level facility, the construction project is saving Singapore over 40 hectares of land – one of Singapore’s most valuable resources.

mageba scope

The region’s tropical climate, with significantly fluctuating temperature and humidity levels, made the appropriate integration of well-designed bearings and expansion joints in the depot’s construction particularly important.

Following the supply and installation of 164 RESTON-POT bearings in 2022 to support the superstructure, 526 m of single-gap expansion joint have also been installed.

The expansion joints are of the types TENSA-GRIP RS and TENSA-RAIL RSU, with movement capacities of up to 100 mm.To facilitate transportation in shipping containers for maximum protection and schedule reliability, the joints were supplied in sections of length up to 11 m, to be connected together on site by bolting.

News-Singapore-Depot-installation-expansion joint

The expansion joint sections are lifted into position by crane and connected together on site

News-Singapore-Depot-installation-pot bearings

Installation of a RESTON-POT bearing to support the T-beam superstructure of the depot

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RESTON-POT bearings, TENSA-GRIP RS and TENSA-RAIL RSU expansion joints






Multi-level depot


Land Transport Authority


GS Engineering and Construction (GS E&C)


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