Fuse box system

FUSE-BOX for modular expansion joints


Seismic devices


The mageba FUSE-BOX system protects the TENSA®MODULAR expansion joint and the connecting structure from earthquake damage. Should a regular expansion joint, during an earthquake, close by more than is allowed by its design, severe damage can be caused to the joint and to the bridge. Such damage can be avoided by the use of FUSE-BOX, which acts as a predetermined break point, allowing failure to occur in a controlled, designed manner. The design of the FUSE-BOX also allows the expansion joint to be returned to its original position after the earthquake with relatively little effort, enabling emergency vehicles to use the bridge.


The use of the mageba FUSE-BOX is recommended for bridges in seismic regions, and can often lead to an optimisation of the design of the expansion joint, with fewer gaps than would otherwise be required.